World Intellectual Property Day


I just found out that today is World Intellectual Property Day.

Please take a few minutes to visit Zencrafting and read Pat's post about Intellectual Property - what it is and what resources you have at your disposal should you find that someone has pirated your work.

Following My Hero on a Road Less Taken


Diane is doing something that I think is really cool!

What am I saying? I think almost everything she does is really cool!

What is she doing? Taking the road less traveled and embarking on a journey that will hopefully lead to a more sustainable solution for all bloggers trying to make a living from their crafty and artistic endeavors.

Saying Thank You x 4


Wow! I am totally blown away with all the lovely comments I have received on the previous Dabbler post!

A huge, warm thank you to every one who stopped by and left me a word or two of encouragement!

In my concern that the post might be too personal, I nearly talked myself out of writing it several times. But I am very glad now that I went ahead with it because I am finding that I am in the very good company of many other dabblers!

And again - thank you.

I Am Dabbler

Paint Jar 2

Image by Kyle du Ford

I have decided to embrace my inner Dabbler! Being a Dabbler is OK.

Weaving Roving Rug

Image by mrdubyah

About Stuff! Wise Words to think About from a Very Wise Friend


I just bet that most people reading this probably have accumulated more "Stuff" than they need.

Whether your "Stuff" brings you joy, frustration, anxiety: or if no matter how crowded your life is getting with all your "Stuff" you just can't seem to turn loose of any of it, here below are links to a series of three articles I found very interesting and right on target!

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