Minimize the Need to Re-use or Recycle (and Save Money Too!)

You are looking at a part of my stash of crafting supplies I have been carefully saving during the past 12 months - boxes, tin cans, glass jars, canisters, egg cartons. Part of the reason was of course was to build up a crafty stash but another reason was to get a good visual picture of just how much stuff we buy and then throw away.

I am devoting the month of March - and maybe part of April because I have an Easter project or two to share - to the subject of crafting with what is normally considered trash.

The Beginning...

Nothing captures my imagination and stirs my creative juices like the Holiday Season......the lights, decorations, trees and ornaments, carols, special foods and best of all the smell of cookies baking!

I treasure the memories and traditions of my childhood, and have loved sharing them years later when I became a parent and grandparent. The season is rich with opportunities to make family memories and traditions. And in my opinion, there is no better time of the year to craft and bake and decorate!

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