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A Little Break From "Thank You" to Take You Shopping!


My new dining room? I wish! Beautiful space isn't it?

There is a new shop in town! Miss Adelines! Our friends (and the owners), Pam and Debra Pulioff, will be holding the grand opening this coming Saturday, March 5th from 1:00 to 5:00.!

Locals - you just have to drop by.

My sweetie and I did some of the photography for the web site so I am sharing a few of my favorites because I know that those of you that are too far away to visit, will love seeing the shop!


Most of the furniture has been hand painted by Pam - like this gorgeous game set .


I love the fish detail on the ends of the table...


and the chairs.


And don't you love this little side table. Check out the high heels on the bottom of the legs!


One room is all about kids! Pam painted everything you see in the picture including the wall! AND the carpet on the floor! I didn't know carpet could be painted! It can! And it totally looks like a real brick floor! (She is NOT selling the floor, however!)

Love the high chair. Love it!


And check out these fabulous hand puppets. Twelve to fourteen inches or bigger! Every animal you can imagine and so soft and squishy and cuddly. I need a puppet like I need a hole in my head, but I just have to have one of these!


Finger puppets! Look at the detail! They are wonderful! What kid wouldn't love play-acting with a few of these?


Back to Pam! My friend Pam! She paints the bird houses - they are custom built by a good friend.

The sun flowers and the Sun - very clever reuse project! But I am divulging no secrets!

For those of you across the country or across the ocean for that matter, I hope you enjoyed a little shopping trip!

If you live in the Portland/Salem area, go see for yourselves how cute this shop really is. If you can make it for the grand opening this coming Saturday - all the better!

Thank you! The Beginning!


I couldn't resist using one of my favorite wedding photos from this past year to begin February.

At the moment this was taken, the handsome groom was thanking his beautiful bride for being a part of his life.

Appropriate why? Because I am devoting this entire month of February to saying thank you to as many people as possible who reside in my corner of the blogiverse and who have enriched my life by being a part of it.

Yarnia Giveaway Winner and Some Cool New Yarnia Kits!


We have a winner!

Congratulations Nancy! Now you can knit those socks!

I wish everyone could have won - if I could, I would send everyone I know a certificate! I love shopping at Yarnia!

In fact, I was just there this past week and picked up a couple gift kits! I just discovered them! Check them out! You get enough yarn to make a hat, a pair of fingerless gloves, or a dishtowel and dish rag - and the pattern - all for $10.00 or less!


The kits come in several color choices which you can view by clicking on the hat or gloves or the towel image and then click on "additional images". I picked up a blue hat kit for someone very special. And I see more in my future - definitely!

The kits are so great because you get enough yarn for a hat and the pattern - tucked right inside the cone!


And, of course when you are done - you can make a holiday tree with the cone and any leftover yarn.

For those looking for more of a challenge, Yarnia has created a "Baby Surprise Jacket Kit. So far there are two colors available.


And don't forget that you can create your very own yarn right here!

Have fun on your visit to Yarnia! I always do!

Foraging with Style


My friend Joanie, who writes Nini Makes has done it again! I am hooked on another one of her Ebooks! She has created a beautiful Forager Bag designed to be carried on those lovely walks along the beach or in the forest or even around town - anywhere one might be inclined to pick up little treasures to take home.

It's Time For New Beginnings - Sign Up For One of Diane's Online Classes


1975 - future craft wizard, ebook publisher, podcaster, and online class instructor - Sister Diane of Craftypod!

2011 - Ten years ago, she began sharing the crafty skills she began developing about the time this was taken. And now she has created a whole line up of on-line classes designed to share much of what she has learned about writing and publishing e-books, creating and presenting on-line classes, and making crafty podcasts. And then of course there is my own favorite the crafty blog tune-up class - but I will get to that later!

FH000005 copy

It isn't easy these days to stand out from the crowd - especially on the internet!

Diane's online class "Write, Publish and Sell Your Crafty Ebook" is designed to not only help you find ways to stand out but also to give you a realistic path through the e-book publishing process, from getting the whole thing written and edited through getting it presented online effectively and letting others know about it.


When Diane says in her class description that writing and publishing an e-book is no small project, she is giving it to you straight! I know! She walked me through my own ebook last year.


To get from here...


to here... takes thought, planning, work, practice, writing and rewriting, and understanding page design not to mention important keys like evaluating your potential market, pricing your book and the all important - marketing!

So if you are contemplating writing an e-book, it would be a very good idea to explore with Diane what goes into making a great, sellable ebook before you go any further with your idea.

 In addition to weekly lessons there are forums and chats and Diane will be available during the class by e-mail for personal help.


Write, Publish, and Sell Your Crafty Ebook begins on Monday, January 10th! Sign-up now right here!


Diane's Craft Blog tune-up Class will begin on January 24th. You can sign-up for that one here! I will be joining in again on that one!

Diane taught me everything I know! Seriously - our first lesson - teaching Mom how to turn on her computer! But I still learn valuable new tricks every time I take the class.

And even better - I meet really fabulous new bloggers! You can meet some of the bloggers I met in the class I took last summer right here.


It is the beginning of a brand new year and we are all busy thinking about and looking for new ways to improve our cash flow and our influence in the blogging community - for that matter the world community.

Diane's class schedule for the spring should be just the ticket to start you on your journey!

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