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Re-useful Cardboard For Portable Crafty Spaces and Photography Tricks!

Many of you have beautiful crafty spaces like the ones featured on CRAFT recently!

I live in a very small house and other than a storage cabinet in the garage, I have no options for a crafty space.  So - my "crafty spaces" must be completely portable!

Cardboard flats to the rescue!

I turn almost every FedEX box that comes through my front door into a storage flat. 

MIA - Baking Cookies!

I've been a bit occupied these last 10 days!  Baking cookies for all the lovely people who refer our wedding photography services to brides!

We bake, wrap and deliver close to 2000 cookies every Valentines!

Last year I posted several of my favorite recipes from this project.  And my Double Frosted Brownies here!

I added a couple new cookies this year I am very excited to share.  I promise to post the recipes by the end of this month! Especially the Potato Chip Cookies.  Yum!

And - while I was busy baking....

My pussy willows exploded!  A lovely French variety that is pink when it first opens.

And my orchid opened!  We will have this blossom around to enjoy for at least two months!  Orchids take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to bloom, but when they do, they aren't in a hurry to leave!

Now! Take a quick look at my flicker pool!  See the Danish woven paper hearts?  Angie (At Home in Mexico) just taught her class to make them and posted some of the results! See the full story here!

She kept them simple and let the girl's imaginations run wild!  Some are decorated with markers - one even a clock!  And don't miss the bows!  I love the bows!

Thank you , Angie, for going to all the trouble to share these with us.

Next time - watching Diane build her white chocolate box!


Update from the Land of Unmade Ornaments!

 Finally done!  My red Dala!   Had to make a red one - it's traditional! Been putting this one off because I haven't attempted embroidery in years  and I wasn't feeling all that confident.  

But once I got into it,  I had fun and learned a few new stitches along the way!  I really do not like the mane - huge mistake - but I would not like tearing it out more!!

Happy Twelfth Day of Christmas! Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Giveaway Kanzashi ornament!

I love that two Kanzashi attached back to back become so three dimensional!  This fabric, by the way, was found at the Knittn' Knitten!

The little ornament, (made by me!) is included with a copy of Diane's book Kanzashi in Bloom and -

this fabulous Kanzashi kit that Diane made especially for this giveaway!

To select the winner I decided to go something a little different using my Advent Calendar! 

You might notice that there are more than 24 ornaments on the tree!  That is because I missed my morning ritual of placing an ornament on the tree so much, that I decided to extend the tradition throughout the twelve days of Christmas!  I had exactly enough spaces along the bottom  and at the tips of all the branches for 12 more ornaments!  As most of you know by now, finding 12 ornaments was NOT a problem!

I wrote the name of each person who entered on a little card and placed the cards in the pockets!  Then I talked my sweetie into selecting the winner!

Congratulations Heather!

A big thank you to all of you who participated and shared your favorite memories.

Twelfth Night Giveaway from the Land of Unmade Ornaments!

The winter holidays aren't over yet!  We are in the midst of the 12 days of Christmas which began on December 26th and will end on January 6th.

A perfect time for a little giveaway! A signed copy of Diane's beautiful book, Kanzashi in Bloom and a Kanzashi ornament made by me! (That is it - almost finished - in the picture! And, Diane has agreed to make up a kit like this one so that when your book arrives, you can begin making Kanzashi right away!

To enter simply leave a comment telling me your very favorite memory from this past Christmas season.  The giveaway is open to all - including international readers.  Entries must be submitted before 6:00 PM Pacific Time on January 5th so that Befana will have time to prepare to announce the winner on the morning of January 6th after she delivers presents to all good children in Italy.

"The Land of Unmade Ornaments"??

Well, you know......... that's home to all those lovely handmade Christmas ornaments (and decorations) that didn't get finished - or maybe even started - this year!  I have seven ornaments wandering around, hopelessly lost, in the Land of Unmade Ornaments.

So, I am declaring January "Making Unmade Ornaments Month"!  I welcome anyone who wishes to join me!  Why not make those Unmade Ornaments now - after all it is still winter all the month of January and think how much fun it will be to make holiday ornaments without the pressure of the Christmas holidays approaching at breakneck speed!

Diane is going to help me set up a Flicker pool so I can share mine and you can share yours! 

Now - to the rescue!! 


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