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Gingerbreadsnowflakes is One Year Old Today!

And I am celebrating with a give-away!

But before I get to that...

I wish to extend a heart felt THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have joined me in this blogging adventure.  Your comments, your kind words, and  your support have meant more to me than I could ever express.  So many of you have gifted me with your friendship - I am overwhelmed and humbled. 

And a huge THANK YOU to my daughter Diane - Sister Diane of CraftyPod - who inspired me to reconnect with my "creative center", and then proceeded to not only encourage me to write this blog but also to teach me (very patiently) every single thing I needed to know to do it!  Believe me when I tell you she started with literally "nothing"!  I had just barely learned to manage e-mail and a little internet searching when this journey began.

Thank you, Diane, for your gifts of all the incredible experiences, creative opportunities and inspirations, and treasured friendships this past year of blogging has brought into my life. 

Now - about that give-away!

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment!  International entries are welcome! Just be sure to leave an e-mail address so I can contact you for mailing information.

Entry deadline is midnight Monday, November 9th.

Now that is done - let's get to the goodies in the give-away: "Vintage" Christmas fabrics and Wheat Straw Christmas Star Kits!

NOT part of the giveaway because they belong to Diane! But you may recognize these - the ornaments Diane and I made for her  Advent Calendar when she was in high school.  I still have bits of the fabrics in my fabric stash!

And these that we made for mine - about 20 years ago!  (Also NOT part of the giveaway because that would leave four pockets on my calendar empty!)

Since I still have bits and pieces of the fabrics we used,  I thought it would be fun to share part of our advent calendar "stash" with the lucky winner of my anniversary give-away!!


These four scraps range in size from 6"x18"  to 10" x 18". 

These have always been our favorites, and as a result the small pieces I will send are the very last bits I have on hand.  They are all small, irregular shaped scraps,  the smallest (and most loved) being the sweet little heart and flower fabric third in from the lower left corner -  5"x5". 

Since some of these are small, I have offered a few links below to crafty tutorials designed for using small scraps of fabrics!  But you could use them to create ornaments for your own Advent Calendar just as we did!

BUT WAIT!  That's not all!

I am tucking in this little piece of gingham left over from Diane's college days. We made all our own wrapping out of brown paper stamped with red and green apples (we used real apples). We tied the packages with this gingham "ribbon". 

Cut into strips, pink the edges, and use it to wrap a few little gifts this year!

BUT WAIT!  There's more!

Since most of you can't shop at the Knittn' Kitten in Portland, I picked up these two half yard pieces of Christmasy fabric to include in the give-away.

BUT WAIT!  Two more!

One of each of the two wheat straw Christmas Star kits I sell at the Pumpkin Patch gift shop.

Here is the other one

I will be posting a tutorial for these pretty little tree ornaments in a few weeks.  But I thought the lucky winner would appreciate having all the material gathered, measured and ready for assembly!



The list includes some really great ideas for using up all those little fabric  leftovers, so definitely take a peak at the links whether or not you decide to enter the giveaway.

1.  Of course the first thing I thought of as the perfect use for small pieces of fabric - your guessed it -make Kanzashi! 

Follow the link to check out Diane's recently publish book "Kanzashi in Bloom"!  I am making a couple Kanzashi ornaments this year using the very last little bits of "advent fabric" I have left.  One for Diane's tree and one for mine.

The book is not part of the giveaway - but check back on December 26th when we begin the 12 Days of Christmas!  A perfect time for another giveaway don't you think?  And this book will be the prize.

There is a little video here featured by Woman's Day if you don't have the book yet because it is still on your Christmas wish list!

2.   Why not try Diane's  Stiffened Fabric Flower Brooch or Stiffened Fabric Pendant . Both would be perfect in these Christmasy fabrics for wearing during the holidays. Or... make them into ornaments!

3.  Why not make your own Christmas cards using one of these tutorials:

      "Cheater's Patchwork Quilt" card  - Joanie  shows us how on her blog Nini Makes.

       Fabric Post Cards
featured on CraftStylish  

       - Fused Fabric Cards which Diane shared on  DIYAlert.

 4.  LollyChops has just posted the coolest tutorial for making fabric Smooshy Stack Christmas Trees and another for these adorable little owls which would make perfect Christmas owl ornaments.

5.  And Sew, Mama, Sew has just posted a tutorial for patch work napkins that is just a much fun as the tutorial posted earlier this year for patch work kitchen towels.  I am making the napkins with my half of the Knittn' Kitten fabrics!

6.  And speaking of the "Kitten", Susan Beal's project sheet for these adorable pin cushions will soon be available (as well as all the other projects featured at the Kitten) for you to download. Wouldn't you like to have a couple in Christmasy fabric to keep your crafty holiday mojo going? Keep an eye on Crafty Pod or West Coast Crafty for the announcement.

7.  I love this Patchwork Star Ornament by Linaloo that I just found on Rachel's  incredible guide to the crafty universe - One Pretty Thing.   I will definitely be making one of these very cute star ornaments - maybe several!  They would be adorable tied on a package.

8.  I wish Diane and Michael were little again so I could make them a bunch of shirts, skirts and jackets using this technique for frayed applique.  Liz comes up with some pretty cool ideas on her blog The Quilted Turtle, but this one is one of my favorites!  I am thinking the frayed applique idea could translate to Christmas ornaments, Christmas shopping bag embellishments, or Christmas tees or sweatshirts.

9.  And one more!  A  fabulous new e-book titled Crafty Tree Trimming : Six Festive Ornaments to Make.

Diane is one of six collaborators.  This e-book is absolutely beautiful! You are definitely going to love it! And the ornament project by Kayte Terry is perfect for small, vintage  Christmasy fabric scraps! 

How do I get a copy, you ask??  Follow this link to the Crafty Pod Shop - that's how! 

I hope you find some inspiration for using small bits of Christmasy fabric among these ideas!  If you have others, please feel free to share by including them in your comment.



"Sending an Owl..."

... to say " HAPPY HALLOWEEN!"


P.S.  November 1st. is my one year blogging anniversary!  To celebrate, there will be a give-away.

Playing with Gourds, Dried Leaves and Mod Podge

I love playing with gourds!  Absolutely love it!  And, apparently, I am not alone.  So - I have planned a few posts to share crafty gourd goodness!

Since it is now officially Fall, I have chosen to decorate my gourd with dried fall leaves; but just so you know, dried flowers work just as well. 

I have these flowers drying right now. I just picked them from my fall garden - rudbeckia, delphinium, hydrangea, pansies, asters and lobelia - to create a fall flower gourd.

Of Sailing Ships and True Love Found

Scott aboard ship heading out of port on deployment.

But not before marrying his one true love, Amber.

Won't you all join me in wishing them happiness ever after.

Christmas in July give-a-way WINNER!

Thank you all for entering the Christmas in July give-a-way!  And for sharing your thoughtful sentiments about your favorite parts of the Christmas Holidays.  I loved every single comment. 

Drawing results!!!

Congratulations Chris!  Your ornament will be in the mail as soon as you return from Sedona!


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