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Alan Dart Pattern Winner!

A peak at Alan Dart's Mad March Hare

A peak at Mad March hare by Alan Dart

No one guessed the "Mad March Hare"!!! Follow the link so you can pop over and get a better look!!! And, of course, see why I could not resist this pattern!!!

I have to admit, there were very good guesses left in comments and sent by e-mail from my newsletter readers. I was quite surprised by how well you all know me! Here are a few of those guesses.

Keeping You Up To Date - What's New on Gingerbreadsnowflakes!!

Crocheted Ball Ornaments in Raku Bowl

Before getting to what's new - a little about something "old"!!

Crocheted Christmas Balls! I can not bear to put them in storage with the other ornaments, so I have placed them in a beautiful pottery bowl given to us at Christmas. Besides eye candy, they serve as a reminder that what I once thought impossible for me to do (that would be crochet) was in fact NOT impossible!

"Make Magic! Do Good!" Giveaway Winner!

Make Magic! Do Good!

Newest book from beloved and brilliant author Dallas Clayton. You can order it on line here!

The giveaway for a copy of "Make Magic! Do Good!" has closed and a winner's name has been drawn!

And the lucky winner who will get to add this wonderful, heartwarming book to their Christmas Advent reading collection is:


4th Blogiversary Giveaway - We Have Winners!

"Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style" and "Scandinavia & Stitches"

This has been a very good week indeed - a week filled with lovely comments and good wishes for my 4th Blogiversary! You have warmed my heart and made me smile - over and over and over.

Thank you for reminding me that you are there and reading and enjoying and appreciating and learning and being inspired!

Nisse Love, Happy 4th Blogiversary to Gingerbread Snowflakes, and a Giveaway!

Nisse Love

Arriving just in time to help celebrate my 4th blogiversary - my very own (straight from the hands of a Norwegian craft artist) Nisse couple!

My friend Gill found this totally adorable (and obviously still in love) pair at a craft fair in Norway and decided they needed to travel across the sea to live with me!! I love them to pieces! They sit next to my bed nestled next to a big pile of yarn that is being crocheted and knitted into Christmas gifts!

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