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Winner of the Shopping Spree Giveaway

Fairy house close up

We have a winner!

And the winner is Arielle!

Arielle, I will drop you a note and let you know what to do to claim your prize!!

Thank you to all who entered. Your comments were so lovely, I am sitting here wishing like everything I could afford to award everyone a prize just for playing and sharing.

April Shopping Spree Giveaway

Fairy House

We are back! We spent a few lovely days being completely spoiled - beyond belief - by my little sister, Leslie, who lives in a darling little cottage tucked away in the mountains not far from Mt. Rainier. Most of the lovely mosses and lichen used to build my little fairy house came from her property.

I will be sharing more about her in a few days - but for now - we have a giveaway to get to - right?

Please Help Me With Suggestions for Art and Craft Books for Children


Some of you might remember that I have two very creative young friends Sophia and Antonio - they are my borrowed grandchildren - the children of very dear friends of ours. Whenever possible, I try to arrange a crafty play date!

I Could Use Your Help! What Is This? How Is It Made?


What is this? How is it made?  I have never seen anything quite like it before.


Crocus Blooms Just in Time to Announce the CraftyPod Podcast 2.0 Winner!

Crocus - first one this year!

Spring is springing into action in the garden!

Crocus and Hellebore are open and the sun is shining. Guess where I am spending the afternoon!

Hopefully the winner of the Craftypod Podcast giveaway will be enjoying the afternoon crafting and listening to her five favorite pod casts.

And the winner is: Meg at Mega Crafty!

Congratulations Meg!

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