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A "Taking a Break" Giveaway!


Right now I feel pretty much like I did the day this was taken - at the end of a six day back pack trip in the back country of the Tetons in Wyoming.

Exhilarated! Head filled with beautiful memories! Definitely needing a little break to catch my breath!

February has been an emotionally rewarding month - reminding myself just how much you all mean to me and how much better my year has been because you were a part of it!

But -  a LOT of time spent at this old keyboard! Many parts of me are complaining! And my brain is fried! So I am taking a week off!

But not without leaving you with a very cool giveaway!

The winner will receive any five of the Podcasts listed in the CraftyPod Podcast Shop - completely FREE!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post before 6:00 PM PST March 5th. The winner will be announced when I return on March 6th.

I won't be MIA so if you are still waiting for an answer to an e-mail - it should be forthcoming soon! And I will be getting caught up in Diane's Crafty Blog Tune-Up Class. And checking in on YOUR blogs!

And - maybe even a little time crafting!

Thank you one and all for hanging out with me this last month! I have really appreciated your company and conversation while on my journey.

Meet My MegaCrafty Muse!


Mega Crafty! Where do I start? I guess the beginning would be the best place!

I don't remember if she found me or if I found her! But pretty soon after meeting, I was the lucky one to win her crafty giveaway in which she filled up a BIG cardboard box with crafty goodness for every possible celebration occurring during the year.

Yarnia Gift Certificate Winner!


One of my very favorite Yarnia blends - Perseus. Photo by Lindsey at Yarnia.

Wow! So much enthusiasm for all things yarn! I wish I could send every single person who entered a certificate.

If nothing else - your responses confirmed something I have suspected for awhile now - I hang out in the very best part of internet space!



Tanvel! You can no longer make the claim that you never win! Congratulations!


Lindsey, the lovely owner of Yarnia here in Portland, just shared with me that she has added a new feature to the site called "Finished Projects"! So many temptations!

I am so glad I am learning to crochet because I see another market bag for Diane - in my future!

And check it out! Lindsey has included a few of my projects made with Yarnia yarns!!

Now go visit Yarnia and find your perfect "dream yarn" while there is still plenty of chilly weather ahead for knitting, crocheting, weaving!

Celebrating Fiber Month with a Yarnia Giveaway!


Lovely January! My favorite time of the year: to organize my cluttered storage areas tossing out or giving away stuff I don't use or need; to clean out all my downloads, bookmarks, and photos deleting tons of stuff I no longer want on my computer; to set up the blog calendar for the coming year; and to finish making a few tree ornaments I didn't get to make during the holidays.


Best of all I plan fiber-y projects for the coming cold, dreary months remaining before spring.

Making my sweetie a knitted hat is top priority!

And finishing two projects on the needles (barely touched since fall) - a pair of socks and a scarf.


And definitely finishing the snowy white weaving still on my loom!


Practice, practice, practice crochet!

I guess it could be said that January is fiber month at my house! And pretty much on Gingerbread Snowflakes too!


One of my favorite Yarnia Yarns - Persues!

So it is time again for a Yarnia Giveaway!

The winner will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to use in the online shop or in the custom yarn shop.



At Yarnia, this amount goes a long way! (The giveaway winner last year - Nancy Kelly who blogs as Zuzu's Petals - knit this beautiful pair of heavy weight "garden socks" and still had yarn left over for headbands.)


  In the online shop, the winner can choose a pre-made cone like this one - Sweet Kisses - one of the favorite shop yarns last year...


or create a unique blend of fiber goodness using the custom yarn creator in the Custom Yarn Shop.


All you must do to enter is make a comment on this post!

Internationals are welcome as long as you are willing to cover the cost of shipping. (Shipping to the continental USA will be covered my me!)

The giveaway will end at 6:00pm PST February 3rd and the winner announced on February 4th.

Curious about what it is like to play with Yarnia yarns? Now is the perfect opportunity to satisfy your curiosity!

Don't Miss the Third Blogiversary Giveaway on MegaCrafty!


Did you know Meg is celebrating her third blogiversary?

Pop over to MegaCrafty and say happy happy and while you are there don't miss the chance to enter the blogiversary drawing for a Simply Screen - Silk Screen Kit by Plaid. She has already tried out a Simply Screen kit, loves it, and wants to share the fun!

I am NOT going to enter so that everyone will have a fighting chance to win!

I won her second blogiversary prize last January (that's how I met Meg!) and I just won the Pantone Guide to Communicating with Color! I LOVE winning Meg's giveaways but I think it only fair I give someone else a chance.

Pop over right now and enter! Giveaway entries close January 27th!

Happy Blogiversary Meg!  And many, many, many more!

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