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Third Blogiversary Winners!


Congratulations Joann! You are the winner of Bugs in a blanket!


Congratulations SewnBySaliba! You have won the cookie cutters!


Congratulations Erin Flickert Rowland! You have won the Spoonflower stockings and the ornament swatches.

I will be contacting each of you for addresses!

And thank you to everyone who entered and showered me with Blogiversary good wishes!

Third Blogiversary Giveaway #3




The winner of this giveaway will be showered with Spoonflower goodies!

Part one of the "Spoonflower Giveaway" - I will be sending the winner two 9" stockings cut from Noel en Russie by Nadjia Petremand which I ordered earlier this year from Spoonflower. There are a total of 6 stockings on this one yard of fabric and I ordered it with the intention of sharing!

Nadjia is one of my favorite designers on Spoonflower.  Check out some of the fabulous designs featured on her Spoonflower page.


One of my two "Giveaway Stockings" this year is also from this fabric!

I am including two stockings so you can maybe keep one for yourself and make one to participate in the 2011 Stocking Giveaway later this month.  Or simply make them as gifts for your favorite children! If you back them with felt, you can actually make four stockings!

Picture 4

Part Two of the "Spoonflower Giveaway" - the winner gets to select two ornaments from the top ten winners of the Spoonflower Hanging Ornament Contest.

Here is the winner of the contest! (You must link to see it but it is worth the trip!) And I am especially excited because for the very first time ever one of the patterns I voted for actually not only got in the top ten but it is the winner! This never happens!

I am ordering the wining pattern for my own tree, but you might prefer a gingerbread man with a half eaten head, or a Dala Horse, or beautiful little tea pot! Select two and I will have them shipped to you from Spoonflower!

What I think is really great is that the contest was set up so that one ornament would fit on an 8"x8" swatch so that you can order several swatches and get several different ornaments!

Great idea Stephen and Kimberly! Thank you!

To win the two stockings and the two Spoonflower ornaments, leave me a comment on this post before 6:00pm PST on Saturday, November 5th.

The giveaway is open to everyone including internationals.

Good luck everyone! And Happy Winter Holidays!

Third Blogiversary Giveaway #2


Cookie Cutters! Lots n' lots of cookie cutters!

It is no secret that I am a Cookie Monster! Have been for a long, long time! And I want to encourage the Cookie Monster in all of you with this collection of 30 winter holiday cookie cutters!


Lots of shapes here - and at 2.5" to 3" they are the perfect size for little hands!

To enter, please leave a comment on this post before 6:00pm PST on Saturday November 5th.

Because of the weight of this gift, I must restrict this giveaway to USA and Canada.

Good luck to all!

Third Blogiversary Giveaway #1


Your very own copy of Bugs in a Blanket by the incredibly talented Beatrice Alemagna.

I have already shared how much I love this book. The illustrations are absolutely charming and will warm your heart every time you pick it up and turn a page.

And the story will be beloved by young and old alike.


Bugs in a Blanket is a perfect addition to any already established Advent reading collection. Or for starting an Advent reading tradition at your house.

I have an Advent reading collection and I am well past childhood! But I will never be past the magic that reading special books at Christmas brings!

To enter the giveaway leave a comment on this post! The giveaway is open to everyone everywhere - internationals included.

The giveaway will end on Saturday, November 5th at 6:00 PST.

Good luck to everyone!

Happy Third Blogiversary To Me Tralalalalalala...


Father Christmas Dolls I put out every year on November 1.  Hand made gifts from Diane.

Three whole years! Three years since my sweet daughter - most of you know her as Sister Diane at Craftypod - finally succeeded in talking me into writing a blog.

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