Vintage Stylin' On Mother's Day


My Mother, Julieanne. Beautiful isn't she? I think she looks like a movie star in this photo.

I thought because Mother's Day is upon us and because there seems to be so much interest among us in everything vintage, I would share a few images of the stylin' women who have been and are a big part of my life.

May Day! May Day! Dabbler War on my Dining Table!


Seven and a half feet of happy dabbling! (And I still have another 18" I can add if needed!)

It is chaos in my dining room right now but all good !


Another round of Spaan ornaments drying.


My knitted/felted bag is drying and drying and drying and drying.........

You and I will be chatting about this one in a day or so. I need help!


My tomatoes and chile! My first success growing from seed indoors.



And look how they have grown!

Now if our stupid PNW weather would only warm a bit I could plant them outside. They are ready. I am anxious!

And I need the space for more projects!

World Intellectual Property Day


I just found out that today is World Intellectual Property Day.

Please take a few minutes to visit Zencrafting and read Pat's post about Intellectual Property - what it is and what resources you have at your disposal should you find that someone has pirated your work.

Easter Fun for Kids of All Ages: "Faux Pysanky" and Norwegian Easter Cookies

P1100390 Making more "faux Pysanky" was not on my calendar! But I had so much fun making the marker Pysanky when I was playing with different ways to decorate brown eggs for Easter, that I just HAD to blow out more eggs to make more.

I have shared a few tips below - but first....

Brown Eggs = Intensely Colorful Marbled Easter Eggs


I love the deep intense colors of these eggs. Only possible with brown eggs!

Last Easter when we arrived for Easter dinner with Sophia and Antonio, there was a large basket on the dining table filled with beautiful eggs like these.

As I told you, I was a bit apprehensive about how the eggs were going to appear when Lisa told me she had used brown eggs. I will never forget how gorgeous that basket of dyed brown eggs looked.

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