Japanese Inspired Thread Wrapped Easter Eggs


Diane wrote a "guest" tutorial for making Japanese Inspired Ornaments during the very first holiday season on Gingerbread Snowflakes; and three years later, it still remains one of the top ten posts, so I thought I would share a few simple techniques for making similar Thread Wrapped Easter Eggs!

In my opinion, a beautiful way to combine and honor age old traditions from East and West.

Spring is Springing!


Lovely, tiny signs of spring are popping up in the garden!

Wild violets we have been encouraging to become an extensive ground cover.

Looks to me as though the wild geranium and the wild violets are in a battle for garden domination!


Very first little wild Oxallis unfurled it's first set of leaves.

We have had our wild oxallis for 15 years - it tagged along with a giant fern we dug and rescued from a clear cut!


My sweetie had to point out these Astilbe shoots - they are virtually invisible in the pile of old stems and leaves.


To celebrate Spring's arrival, I just completed my Forager Bag made from the e-booklet by the same name available on Stitch Village shop. I will be using this bag for a lot more than Foraging! This is the first bag I have owned for over 20 years!


A little plea for help!

Lovely boucle - 98% acrylic and 2% poly. 140 gram ball. US8 or 5mm needles recommended. Also a hank of sari sill yarn. Found both at "Knittn' Kitten last fall.

I am thinking I would like to make a hat. The boucle for the body and crown and then add a narrow ruffle around the edge using the Sari silk.

I haven't been able to find a pattern. Can anyone help?

Welcome Spring


To welcome spring, I am going to share the words to a sweet little song my dear Great Grandmother used to sing to me every night when she tucked me into bed.

My Grammie lived in a little guest house right next to our house - separated only by her lovely rock garden and a small lawn where we would sit with her and eat her strawberry shortcake, or shell peas just picked from her garden, or pit cherries from the orchard.

Back Again!


I am back! Yaaaaaaay! So glad to be feeling like myself again!

Thank you all so much for your sweet notes and comments. So unexpected! AND so appreciated!

I will no way be able to get caught up and send each one of you a personal note - I have been beating myself up over that for a few days now. But there is only so much of me! I will be visiting your blogs however, and leaving a little love note there!

Taking a Short Break


I have not forgotten you!

I am in the big middle of one of the nastiest colds I can remember so it may be a few more days before my head is clear enough to post again or get caught up in my reader.

Just didn't want you to feel deserted. I will be back soon. I am missing you!


PS Don't you love how pretty my rose looks in the new spring look Diane created for my blog?  Thank you, Diane, I love it.

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