Pacific Northwest = Gorgeous Spots to Say I Do!

Nai and Eric - Multnomah Falls Wedding

I may be a bit prejudiced, but I am pretty sure the Pacific Northwest offers some of the most spectacular setting for weddings! Like this one - 620' Multnomah Falls in the historic Columbia Gorge!

Upcycle Magic! Revisiting Danish Woven Paper Heart Baskets.

Danish paper heart baskets

Traditionally, Danish woven paper heart baskets are brought out to trim Christmas trees and hang in windows as signs of welcome throughout Scandinavia. But why limit their charm to the winter holiday season when almost every paper stash offers unlimited potential and possibility - woven hearts for every season and in every color?

Recycle Pop Cans Into Easy and Cheerful Plant Markers and Garden Decor

plant/seedling markers

New plant markers for the garden!

Inspired by Annette at "by Annette" - you might remember the plant markers she made for me! Her excellent tutorial for how to make them is here!

These are totally simple to do! This whole set took just an hour to make.

How I Supported Craft Artists and Makers of Free Content in April

April shopping spree choices

Clockwise from upper left:  ATERGcrochet:  Jenaissance Designs:  That's Woolly SomethingPlanetJune

As many of you already know - in April I supported "makers of free content" - craft artists and shop owners who share free content in their blogs - by experimenting with my very first "Shopping Spree Giveaway".

A Mother's Day Love Letter For My Daughter

Crewel Embroidery - Hummel

Usually at Mother's Day I write about the women who shaped me into the person I am - my Mother, Grandmother (Gwennie) and my Great Grandmother (Grammie).

This year I am breaking with "tradition" and sharing a treasured memory about my daughter, Diane.

The sweet little crewel embroidery pictured here was completed by Diane when she was between 11 and 12 years old. And there is a story to be told.

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