Crafty Hearts and Hands Playing at the Pumpkin Patch Harvest Fest


Watching children and adults alike in the act of creating and making makes my heart happy.

And I had a full day of "happy heart" yesterday (Labor Day) while at the Pumpkin Patch Harvest Fest .

My sweetie and I set up a free craft table of farm related crafts every year and everyone is welcome to sit and play! This year we taught gourd painting, making wheat brooms and making house blessing ornaments.We went through over 100 gourds and bunches of wheat!

I hope you will take a few minutes to join me in remembering the day!

(And locals, mark your calendars to join us on October weekends at the Pumpkin Patch for pictures. We will have a photo booth set up every Sat and Sun except the 23rd.)


Faces were very popular this year!


I thought when the artist got this far she was done! NOT!


Love it!


Grandpas even got into the act - this one using a bit of "practice shell" I had laying on the table.


This one was asked to draw on a face and he seemed to relish it!


Dads shared a little crafty time with their kiddos while Mom shopped.


This little artist got the idea immediately!


I'd say he is definitely a budding artist!


A couple of real artists just getting started! Below - their beautiful finished gourds!




My sweetie and I watched this young man for an hour as he applied bits of every color on the table to his gourd.


P1080179 We get the biggest kick out of watching couples as they sit side by side, saying not a word, intensely focused on their work.




Hers! (Just started) I missed seeing her completed drawing but I bet is was lovely.


Grandma helped out braiding a house blessing ornament. They ended up making two - one for each of them to take home.


Wheat brooms were a huge hit!



My sweetie's hands in the upper left corner helping with floss ties.



I loved the ways crafty hands decorated their brooms.


And look at this one! I learned so much about embellishing harvest brooms! My tutorial for making harvest brooms here.

And now, I'll just leave you with a few last shots of happy hands at play.









Instant Summer Meals! Pre-grilled Chops and Yummy Almost Instant Veggies


On hot summer days, we are huge fans of nearly instant dinners! And I thought it might be fun to share a few of our "instant dinner" tricks!

Actually, we prepare "instant dinners" all year round, but especially in summer when we have so much yummy local produce available!

End of Summer Giveaway - Spoonflower Fabric!


You might remember this adorable Spoonflower fabric I used to make a simple sun dress! Allison, the designer of Flea de Corps, has been very generous in allowing me to share the image of her fabric with you!

If you love it as much as I do now is your opportunity to order a yard of Flea de Coprs or any of the other Spoonflower fabrics for free! Or if you have the skills, you can design your own!

Now, most of you who know me, understand that my computer skills are pretty - well - basic! I most likely will not be designing my own fabrics at Spoonflower any time soon! But I love to shop there! And I have the idea that most of you would too! So I contacted Kim at Spoonflower and this little giveaway was hatched!

And just so you know, right now I am planning to order Gnome, Alaska by ceanirminger because I am a big sucker for 'shrooms and gnomes and snow! And I am ordering Stained Glass Rose Window by sammyk because the design and colors just plain make my eyes happy!

If you are new to Spoonflower here are a few links to help introduce you to one of the coolest DIY companies around!

Spoonflower was founded in 2008 by two "internet geeks" who wanted to make it possible for crafty minded people (and their wives) to design and print their very own fabrics.

Visit the Spoonflower flickr pool to view some of the designs created and being used by over 70,000 members of the Spoonflower community!

And I highly recommend you take a minute and sign up right here to receive a weekly news letter that allows YOU to participate in selecting a winner in the fabric of the week contest and links you to the Spoonflower Blog.

Ok Ok Ok!! The giveaway details! I know you are anxious!

The winner of the Spoonflower fabric giveaway will receive one yard of Spoonflower fabric! And the winner can choose to either select a fabric from the Spoonflower shop; or the winner is welcome to design their very own fabric and Spoonflower will print one yard free!

If you are planning to design your own fabric, you will need to become a Spoonflower member. Design and uploading information is here.

If, like me, you want to order your fabric from the shop, you may choose to become a Spoonflower member and simply place your order. Or, if you prefer not to join Spoonflower, I will place the order for you and they will ship it directly to you.

A little note: not all the fabrics shown in the shop are for sale so be sure that the fabric you select has an "add to cart" button!

To enter the contest for one yard of Spoonflower fabric, leave me a comment telling me your favorite fabric in the shop. There are a lot of fabrics in the shop so you may want to take advantage of "browse categories" on the left side bar.

Contest will end two weeks from today on September 3rd. at 6:00 pm PST, and is open to anyone, including international readers.

I can't wait to see your favorites!

Good luck everyone!

Chasing and Keeping Butterflies - a Simple Dollar Store Solution


I just have to share this cool little Dollar Store solution for a butterfly home.

Although Antonio and Sophia's Mom (Lisa) had no problem finding butterfly nets at the Dollar Store, ready made homes were not available. Did that stop her? Nope!

Clever woman that she is, Lisa bought laundry bags and splatter screens for a dollar each!

Picking Berries and Thinking About Fall!


We always look forward to blueberry season at the Pumpkin Patch!

This year the trip out to pick berries was even more memorable because we took along two of our favorite pals!


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