Weave Your Children's Summer Adventures Into an Earth Loom Story

I just finished my very own Earth Loom and can't wait to share!

Building the loom is very easy and would be a great family project for the summer.  Once the loom is completed, let your children weave in all the collected memories and treasures found as they stroll beaches, picnic in the forest or walk in a local park or in the countryside.

The Earth Loom is not my idea but one I have enthusiastically adpoted from an extraordinary Saori weaver, Terri Bibby. 

Trash to Treasure at the Vancouver Recycled Arts Festival!

Who wouldn't want these adorable piggys hanging out in their garden? 

You might know I would be especially attracted to the metal sculptures at the Recycled Arts Festival held in my home town of Vancouver, Washington this past weekend!

Right next to the pigs - this amazing dragon fly!  Denise Bergman, Cedar Creek, Inc. does not have a web site yet - but if you want to e-mail her to find out where she will be showing her work next, please e-mail me.

Diane Models Her New Sun Dress!

I got to spend the day yesterday playing with Diane!  And she modeled the little sun dress I made for her. 

After she put it on she gave me a big hug and said "Mom, this is the first dress you have made for me since I was about 10". 

Whew!  Almost tears there! 

But she is right!  By the time she was 12 she was sewing rings around me. And still does!

And this just in!  Kathy just posted the cutest series of images of her daughter "modeling" the little fairy sun dress I made her. 

Diane was just this size when I made her the very first one of these!


Midsummer sunshine on my poppies!

To those of us in the Pacific Northwest - sunshine after four weeks of clouds is reason enough to celebrate.

This moment - a moment to pause, savor and remember.

Sara's "moment" June 7th!  I think she is due for another!

This moment was started as a Friday ritual by Amands SouleFriday's moment in case you missed it.


Celebrating Mid-Summer with Recycled Aluminum Cans!

Garden Art!  Sun mobile made from the aluminum can bottoms left over from the butterfly mobile.

The idea of making little suns was inspired by Midsummer Celebrations.  Midsummer is celebrated around the world near the summer solstice - the longest day of the year. This link will give you some idea of how many cultures celebrate.

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