God's Eyes (Ojos de Dios) are Beautiful Frames for Natural Treasures (Includes Tutorial for Reverse Weave Technique)

God's eyes make great frames for displaying those treasures we all seem to bring home in our pockets from trips to the beach, forest or lake. 

Berry Delicious

It is the beginning of berry season at our favorite local farm, the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island.

We purchase almost all our produce from the farm from the beginning of June until the last day of October.  And sometimes we even u-pick our strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries!  Portland/Vancouver residents are so fortunate to have this family friendly farm located just a few minutes from downtown Portland

How to Make Punched "Tin" Butterflies

Butterfly tree

Punched "tin" butterflies are almost always fluttering about somewhere in my home or garden!  I never tire of making them and my enthusiasm has resulted in a rather large collection. (Huge - actually!)  So consider this fair warning - they are addictive!

In addition to the instructions below, it may be helpful to review the tutorial for making Punched "Tin" Light shields posted last November as the techniques are quite similar. 


How-to Make a Simple Weaving Loom and Basic Weaving Techniques: part 3


Welcome to the second tutorial for "weaving without a loom". In this post, I'm covering techniques for changing threads, adding buttons and other helpful tips to add texture and interest to your wall hanging.

We'll begin with how to change yarns.

1) Holding the ends of the old and new weft yarns together as one, begin weaving them through the warp.

How to Make a Simple Weaving Loom and Basic Weaving Techniques: part 2


This is the second in a series of three weaving posts and the first of two tutorials.

This tutorial covers "loom" construction and basic weaving technique. The next tutorial, called "Beyond the Basics," covers adding yarns, weaving in beads, floating yarns, adding small pieces of yarn, and twisting yarns together to create a new yarn. (That one will be posted tomorrow.)

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