Dutch Canal Houses - Table Topper for St. Nicholas Celebrating

Dutch Canal House Pattern

Believe it or not - until I set foot inside the Dutch Store last year, I had never even heard of a Dutch canal house! Seeing all those charming Delft blue and white ceramic canal houses lined up side by side on a shelf - well - it was love at first sight and I instructed my Muse to begin thinking of a way to incorporate Dutch canal houses into my St. Nicholas celebration.

Introducing Christmas in July 2012 - A Whole Month of Christmassy Goodness!

Christmas in July comin' up!

Christmas in July is here! Or almost here! Depends upon whether you celebrate one day or the whole month! Me? I am celebrating the whole month of course!

I am celebrating by beginning a series of projects I have on my MUST MAKE FOR CHRISTMAS list. Most of them have been there quite a while now, transfered from one year to the next. No more of that! July 2012 they are being revealed to the world!

Christmas in July Shopping Spree Giveaway to Support Makers of Free Content


Christmas in July Shopping Spree Giveaway is one of several shopping sprees held on this blog throughout the year to support makers of free online content. And since it is still new - it is a work in progress!. This month I am experimenting and instead of asking the winner to select just one shop, I am giving the winner the option to select items from as many of the 5 shops featured as she likes - as long as she stays in budget!!

How To Make a Punched Tin Dragonfly

Punched tin Dragonfly

Several requests have arrived from the blogiverse for a tutorial for making a punched tin and bead dragonfly. So here it is!

NOTES before we start:

** Wiring on the wings is a bit tricky and I have done my best to make the process clear. If you will follow the written steps, you should have no problem creating your own dragonfly. However, if you have a question, don't hesitate to write me.

Gingerbread Snowflakes' Secret Places - Olympic Rain Forests.

Hall of Mosses Trail, Olympic Nat'l Park.

We escaped for a few days into my favorite place in the Pacific Northwest - the Olympic National Park Rain Forests - a world of magic and wonder and spirit healing.

And - a photographer's dreamscape!

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