By Request - Fairy House Revisited!

Fairy House

I have had a few inquiries for close-up images of the fairy house! So here they are!

Fairy house

I lashed together a basic A-frame from twigs - the frame is about 10" tall. The moss and lichen covered twigs added another three inches.

Recycled Aluminum Cans Are Perfect Plant Markers

Plant tags made by Annette

Check out my beautiful plant markers! A gift from Annette!

 Visit her blog "by Annette" where you will find an excellent tutorial for making your very own set of plant markers using recycled aluminum pop cans!

Bacon Scallop Risotto


I love, love, love bacon wrapped scallops and I adore risotto! And since it is spring, I am sharing a favorite spring time meal at my house - a recipe I created so I could enjoy both dishes in one!!

                 BACON SCALLOP RISOTTO


1/4 lb. sliced bacon - cut into about 1" pieces

1/4 cup chopped onion

4 tablespoons olive oil

1 C risotto rice

Springtime Wreath Recycle - From Ivy to Rainbows

Grapoe vine wreath with Rainbows and Punched Tin Butterflies

I am loving how this turned out! Inspired by seeing a lovely little tutorial last fall for wrapping a few of the vine sections of a grape vine wreath with colorful embroidery floss - a brilliant and beautiful idea shared by Katie at Duo Fiberworks.

They Grow Up So Fast!


Our beautiful, delicious, juicy, scrumptious tomatoes! At their peak and on our table at least twice a day! We expect to have tomato red cheeks any day now!

What a thrill this is for me. My first ever tomatoes grown from seed!


Remember when? Back last spring when they were tiny babies?


Seeds harvested from a New Mexico red chile couldn't wait to sprout once I put them in moist soil.


And now I have my very own New Mexican green chile crop! Small crop.

New Mexico doesn't get much rain so my chile seedlings were quite confused during the spring and early summer. But now that we are having warm dry weather, they are going crazyand making up for lost time!

Green chile cheeseburgers with fresh tomatoes on the side for dinner tonight!. Anyone want to come over?

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