Sharing a Sweet Moment


Love this shot! Had to share.

My sweetie made this image while taking a series of portrait shots at a lovely park here in the Portland/Vancouver area.

What I love most about it is that it was a captured moment - not posed or planned.

And so many great elements all working together to create the mood.

Come Join Us at the Pumpkin Patch Harvest Festival and Decorate Your Very Own Gourd


Peaches are ripe and jucy!


Squash harvest is beginning.

Gourd Giveaway Winners


We have WINNERS of the Gourd giveaway!

A big thank you everyone who entered. I wish I could send gourds to all of you!

Maybe between ideas for etching the surface and for Zentangle Inspired Art and fanciful tangles our winners will have lots of fun decorating their ornament size gourds!

If you are in Portland over Labor Day, and it is not raining, my sweetie and I will again be at the Pumpkin Patch with free ornament size gourds and colored pens for decorating! More in a couple days.

But now for the big winners! All selected using the Random.ORG Integer Widget.  (I deleted the two people who left comments but did not enter.)

# 2 Adeline

# 11 Polish Mama on the Prairie

#12 Meg

I will send all of you an e-mail and get addresses so I can get these off to you!

And I hope you will all send pictures of your beautiful gourds once they are completed! I would love to share them here.

First Zentangles! (On Gourds - Of Course!)


My friend TeriC introduced me to zentangles years ago and it was love at first sight - especially the colored ones!

You will better understand why if you go to her Zentangle Flickr site and see for yourself just what magic she weaves with her zentangles.

Leave The Zucchini and Take The Apples


According to my Sweetie: "this pie isn't rocketing to the top of my favorites chart".

And later: "The crust is excellent, by the way - but from now on, I would prefer you make this with apples."

Well - I HAD to try it! My neighbor mentioned that making "Mock Apple Pie" with zucchini was a great way to eat zucchini! Now that I have actually tried it, I beg to differ.

All this experiment has done is make me even more anxious for apple season to get here! No zucchini masquerading as apples for me! I want the REAL deal!

If you care, here is the recipe I used and you can find many, many more by googling apple pie made with zucchini. Apparently zucchini apple pie has a rather large fan club.

We are not members.

If you want to make lovely sweet things with your zucchini, try out this delicious recipe on Butterfly Jungle for Blueberry Zucchini Heaven!

Or do what I do! Using your very own recipe for zucchini bread do this: just before putting in the baking pan, grate some unsweetened chocolate into the batter and gently stir to mix - playing with amounts to your taste! Coconut is also great in zucchini bread - or both coconut and chocolate!

Produce harvest is in full swing now! And Fanie and Diane will most likely be duking it out at the farmers markets with their awesome produce images.  Don't miss! Enjoy!

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